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"Orakei" Sewer GRP Slip Lining  Slip Lining of the Main Auckland 2.4m high Egg-Shape “Orakei” Sewer using GRP sections. By-pass pumping of more than 800 litres per second of raw sewage using submersible pumps. This is one of the biggest by-pass operations ever carried out in this >
Completed: Sep 2014
Location: Auckland City
Service: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
Ardmore Water Treatment Plant Slip Lining of SW Pipe   The project involved slip lining existing RC SW pipes with new specially manufactured sections of GRP pipe.    Determining the exact size of the host pipes, some of which had low radius bends Slip Lining of existing RC host pipes  -  60m of 675mm >
Completed: Mar 2012
Location: Auckland
Service: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
Ardmore WTP Desludging and earthworks  The works involved dredging and desludging 3 ponds at the Ardmore Water Treatment Plant and then drying the sludge before placing it in an onsite landfill. The scope of work was to remove Alumina sludge from the Water Treatment Plant  from the bottom of the ponds and >
Completed: Feb 2013
Location: Auckland
Service: Remediation Works
Birkdale B Catchment Upgrade  The Project was centred on the horizontal directional drilled installation of 1,036 metres of gravity sewer.  The associated commissioning works included manhole installation and several shorter pipeline installations. View the video Setting New Standards When completed it >
Completed: Jun 2011
Location: Auckland
Service: Trenchless Pipe Construction
Branch 1 Sewer 2014 CIPP Rehabilitation  CIPP lining to an existing 530m long and 103 year old egg-shaped sewer 900x600 (750 equivalent) that was in poor structural condition in a heavily built up residential area. Extensive 250l/s bypass pumping system including section installed by HDD under main arterial road to >
Completed: Aug 2014
Location: Auckland City
Service: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
CCTV Survey for SCIRT Assessment  A minimum of 40km of CCTV asset assessment is required on a monthly basis – Split between four contractors. Conducted all over Christchurch, from up in the Cashmere Hills down to the CBD red zone.  Assessment is being carried out for the SCIRT designers and >
Completed: In Progress
Location: Christchurch
Service: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation