Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP)

The Art of Manufacturing a NEW PIPE within the old one

PipeWorks Cured-In-Place Pipe Liner restores structural integrity to cracked and deteriorated underground pipes. Once installed inside the host pipe, CIPP will contain the flow within the pipe while keeping external water and roots out. CIPP provides the least cross sectional reduction of all methods used to rehabilitate pipes. The smooth jointless interior will improve the flow capacity. The high quality resin and superior dry tube used to manufacture PipeWorks Liner provide exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion from harsh sewer gases. PipeWorks Liner is carefully manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM F-1216, the industry standard for Cured-in-Place Piping.

Proven, cost effective rehabilitation for sewer lines and stormwater pipes

We have installed CIPP Liners in both small and large diameter sewer lines and stormwater drains, circular and egg shape pipes. The installations are in small towns, large cities, airports, military bases, private systems, and industrial plants.

For more than ten years PipeWorks has been extending the life of underground sewer and drainage structures without costly digging or lengthy interruption.

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Manhole and Concrete Structures Rehabilitation

Stopping water infiltration and inflow while preventing corrosion

Degraded manholes are cleaned with a water blasting process, repairs done to the parent concrete surface as required and a new polymer corrosion resistant coating applied, while the parent material surface is still "wet".

The application minimises downtime and restores the structural integrity of the parent material. The application is sprayable or trowelable.

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CCTV - Closed Circuit TV

Inspection and recording of the status of sewer and stormwater pipelines

PipeWorks specialises in inspection and recording of the status of sewer and stormwater pipelines using the latest Close Circuit Television cameras, usually prior to and after the installation of CIPP and other trenchless pipeline rehabilitation methods.

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Watch this comprehensive video of the CIPP process from liner preparation to resin curing and CCTV inspection (6 min)


The Cured In Place Pipe rehabilitation method has been around for more than 30 years and offers minimal disruption when upgrading aging infrastructure. Check out the video to see the process and its benefits (2min 36sec)

CIPP Installation Process (PDF)
CIPP Brochure (PDF)
No Dig Spot Repair System (PDF)