Trenchless Pipe Construction
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Hi-tech drilling where other methods of trenchless pipeline installation are inappropriate

In 2008 PipeWorks purchased a Vermeer D100x120 HDD Rig. At that time this was the largest HDD rig in New Zealand. Since then, PipeWorks have tackled a great number of projects, setting a number of new benchmarks along the way. PipeWorks have the right tooling to drill through soft to medium rock and the right steering technology to drill accurately and consistently on grades of 1.5% or less. PipeWorks operate their rig in conjunction with very sophisticated and environmentally friendly mud recycling  equipment.The drilling team has been equipped with the latest computer-aided planning software and sensitive steering equipment and has been very successful to date, performing some very complex drilling projects.

PipeWorks has access to the most experienced HDD knowledge in New Zealand. Our working relationship with Professor Sam Ariaratnam of Arizona State University allows PipeWorks to offer advice on complex drilling methodologies.

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Large diameter pipeline construction from 500mm to 2500mm

Large diameter pipelines construction projects have been performed in conjunction with Brian Perry Civil, a sister business unit within the Infrastructure division of the Fletcher Construction Company.

PipeWorks focuses on the 500mm to 2500mm diameter range with the capability to deliver very complex projects. New shaft installation and other trenchless construction methods can be combined.

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HDD Vermeer Brochure (PDF)