Snells Beach Wastewater Rising Main Upgrade
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Service: Trenchless Pipe Construction
Cost: $280,000
Started: Mar 2008
Completed: Jul 2008
Client: Rodney District Council
Engineer: Opus Consultants
Horizontal Directional Drilling of two wastewater rising mains between Dawson Road and Goodall Road in Snells Beach near Warkworth. The work was performed mainly through open fields across private property.
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Project Scope

  • Supply and install by HDD methods of a 400mm diameter PE pipe 100m long, and a 280mm diameter PE pipe also 100m long.
  • Installation of open cut transaction links from the new lines to the existing main.
  • Installation of manholes at the end of both new lines.
  • Working on private property required that we kept close communications with landowners.
  • We encountered unforeseen ground conditions and very poor weather during the works. This required us to make adjustments to our programme, and an extension of time was given by the Client.

Project Outcomes

  • A very high standard of drilling and installation was achieved.
  • The Client was very pleased with the conduct of Pipeworks staff, especially our management of the project during unforeseen weather and ground condition delays.
  • Works were completed within the revised timeframe.
  • There were no safety incidents during the project.
  • There were no environmental issues on site. The site was left in very good condition at the end of the project.
  • We enjoyed a good relationship with the adjacent stakeholder Lifeworks.