Ardmore Water Treatment Plant Slip Lining of SW Pipe
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Service: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
Cost: +/-$1,000,000
Started: Oct 2011
Completed: Mar 2012
Client: Watercare Services Limited
Engineer: Aecom
 The project involved slip lining existing RC SW pipes with new specially manufactured sections of GRP pipe.
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 Project Scope

  •  Determining the exact size of the host pipes, some of which had low radius bends
  • Slip Lining of existing RC host pipes

 -  60m of 675mm

 -  105m of 900mm

 -  70m of 1200mm

  •  Grouting the annulus of the GRP pipes using medium strength cement grout
  • Design (in-house) of temporary shafts.
  • Construct temporary access shafts in loosely tipped soil, up to 11m deep.
  • Upgrading & Converting Manholes
  • Full reinstatement

Project Outcomes

  • All sections of GRP liner were installed to a high standard.
  • The capacity of the landfill has been greatly increased
  • No environmental or H&S incidents occurred during construction.