Christchurch Brick Barrel Sewers & Stormwater Pipes CIPP
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Service: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
Cost: $12,000,000
Started: Jul 2012
Completed: Aug 2013
Client: SCIRT
Engineer: Opus & Aecom
Largest CIPP project in NZ ever! 
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The project involves installing very thick CIPP structural liner in Brick Barrel Sewer and Stormwater pipes close to the Christchurch CBD.

  • Various large egg-shape and elliptical pipes
  • Designed to withstand earthquake liquefaction effects
  • Due to the size of the project the installation speed had to be increased by a factor 3
  • Working in heavy traffic in an inner-city environment
  • By-passing of sewer flows of up to 300 litres per second
  • All resin mixing was done inside the "Red Zone" to reduce risk
  • Confined Space entries

 Project Scope

  • CIPP lining of pipes varying in diameter from 450mm to 1,350mm in diameter
  • Working in the main arterial roads around the CBD such as Moorhouse, Kilmore, Madras and Fitzgerald Avenue
  • Over the manhole resin impregnation is used due the sheer volume and size of the CIPP materials
  • The project involves creating temporary and permanent access to the pipes
  • Major alterations to large manholes up to 4m deep including well pointing & trench shields
  • The CIPP pipes were designed to a much more severe standard to cater for future earthquakes.
  • All pipes were more or less permanently flooded
  • By-pass pumping involves major volumes of sewage pumped above and below ground in busy streets

Project Outcomes

  • All sections of CIPP liner were installed to a high standard
  • The disruptions to traffic and residents have been kept to a minimum
  • The speed of installation is much higher than on any other large diameter CIPP project in Australasia
  • The scale of the project makes it easily the largest CIPP project ever undertaken in this part of the world