CCTV Survey for SCIRT Assessment
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Service: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
Cost: $3,500,000
Started: Jun 2011
Completed: In Progress
Client: SCIRT/CityCare
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Project Scope

  • A minimum of 40km of CCTV asset assessment is required on a monthly basis – Split between four contractors.
  • Conducted all over Christchurch, from up in the Cashmere Hills down to the CBD red zone.
  •  Assessment is being carried out for the SCIRT designers and particular timeframes are set for the turn-around of each package of assets The project involves creating temporary and permanent access to the pipes.
  • Contract requires cleaning of pipelines immediately prior to CCTV video capture.

Project Outcomes

  •  Over 210km of CCTV carried out in Christchurch to date.
  • Successfully engaged cleaning sub-contractors, to work with the CCTV crews.
  • Video capture carried out directly on laptops to allow upload via data sticks to the SCIRT mainframe.
  • Work carried out in many challenging locations, including residential backyards and yards and carparks of commercial properties.
  • Work conducted in and around infrastructure that has partially or fully collapsed.