Branch 1 Sewer 2014 CIPP Rehabilitation
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Service: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
Cost: $2,000,000
Started: Apr 2014
Completed: Aug 2014
Client: Watercare Services
Engineer: Watercare Services
CIPP lining to an existing 530m long and 103 year old egg-shaped sewer 900x600 (750 equivalent) that was in poor structural condition in a heavily built up residential area.
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Extensive 250l/s bypass pumping system including section installed by HDD under main arterial road to accommodate all dry and wet weather flows.

Glass reinforced liner utilised to meet high design loadings due to high hydrostatic pressure applied on existing pipe originally tunnelled at depth up to 30m

Minimal liner wall thickness achieved by utilising I Plus liner to maintain pipe flow volumes.

CIPP liners installed “blind” through 12m deep 900mm x 800mm chimney manholes.