"Orakei" Sewer GRP Slip Lining
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Service: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
Cost: $4,000,000
Started: May 2013
Completed: Sep 2014
Client: Watercare Services
Engineer: Aecom
Slip Lining of the Main Auckland 2.4m high Egg-Shape “Orakei” Sewer using GRP sections.
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By-pass pumping of more than 800 litres per second of raw sewage using submersible pumps. This is one of the biggest by-pass operations ever carried out in this country and certainly the most challenging.

Construction of a 7m deep Insertion Pit using King Posts and Timber shoring.

Construction of a 8.5m deep pump pit to accommodate submersible pumps.

Installation of the GRP sections during the Wet season.