Nelson Street Brick Arch Sewer Rehabilitation - Hastings NZ 2011
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Service: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
Cost: $1,700,000
Started: Apr 2011
Completed: Jun 2011
Client: Hastings District Council
Engineer: MWH NZ
The project involved pipe renewal by Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) structural liner. PipeWorks installed a liner along a 1.5km stretch of Nelson St, a critical arterial route within Hastings CBD.
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Pushing the Boundaries

  • Over the manhole “wet out” technique was utilised for this project.
  • Long shots of CIPP were installed, 484m, 492m and 517m of 640mm diameter 22.5mm thick felt liner.

Project Scope

  • CIPP lining of 1,524m of 751mm x 510mm of deteriorated egg-shaped concrete invert brick arch sewer main.
  • Manhole replacement of all associated manholes along the pipeline.
  • An extensive network of feeder pipes had to be by-passed during the liner installation work.
  • Complex temporary traffic management installation due to the  middle of road pipe alignment.

Project Outcomes

  • All sections of CIPP liner were installed to a high standard within five weeks.
  • New techniques were utilised during the project for onsite resin mixing and liner impregnation. These new techniques streamlined the works, eliminated risks and will benefit future projects.
  • We received favourable responses from local residents and businesses, who appreciated our levels of communication and our noise reduction measures.