New Lynn Gas and Telecom HDD
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Service: Trenchless Pipe Construction
Cost: $216,000
Started: Mar 2008
Completed: Apr 2008
Client: Telecom & Vector
Engineer: Fletcher Engineering
These works were performed to enable the adjacent major New Lynn Rail Trench project. This larger job was being constructed by Fletcher Engineering, and they acted as Engineer for the HDD works.
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Project Scope

  • Drill and install a 150mm steel gas pipe supplied by Vector.
  • Supply, drill and install a 500mm PE duct for Telecom.
  • The HDD was performed within very busy urban roads in the middle of New Lynn town centre. This meant that considerable temporary traffic management was required.
  • Given the location, works needed to be completed in the shortest timeframe to minimise traffic disruption. This meant that much of the work was performed during the night. This also mitigated safety risk as the work could be performed during lower traffic volumes.
  • One of the drilling locations was on the footpath immediately next to a local road.
  • PipeWorks set up a mobile mud mixing and recycling plant adjacent to the drill rig.

Project Outcomes

  • A very high standard of drilling and installation was achieved. Both Vector and Telecom were extremely pleased with our work and the final result.
  • We had planned to have all works completed in only 3 weeks per shot, and this was achieved.
  • There were no safety incidents during the project.
  • There were no complaints from the public about our work. We kept all affected landowners involved and informed of our site movements.
  • Traffic management worked well. The nearby Lion Hotel gave us special thanks for keeping entry to their car park open at all times.
  • There were no major environmental issues on site. There was one frac-out (A situation where drilling fluids seep through the ground surface), but this was dealt with quickly and effectively.